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Bluetooth Speakers, ZENBRE Z4 Wireless Speakers 20h Play-time with Enhanced Bass, 2x5W True Wireless Stereo Waterproof IPX4 Portable Speakers, Dual-Driver for Party, Travel

  1. 【 2x5W, 2x2" Speaker Units】Integrated 2x5W, and combined with 2x2'' low frequency radiators, plus a subwoofer on each cylinder, it enhanced the sound quality.
  2. 【TWS Tech】360° surround sound for your TV or other device even without a dedicated home-theater system.
  3. 【Always Connected by Bluetooth 4.1】The connection prompt and stable.
  4. 【1800mAh Durable Battery Life】Rechargeable 1800mAh Li Battery, make sure we have a mini home theater to enjoy 18 hours.
  5. 【Fabric IPX4 Waterproof】By testing, flush Z4 speaker by running water for seconds, there is no water absolutely inside!

    1. Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.4 x 7.1 inches ; 13 ounces
    2. Boxed-product Weight: 1.3 pounds
    1. 360° Surround Sound

      Double Speaker Connection, Full-day Enjoy
    2. Cylinder Stand

      The speaker is made of waterproof fabric body and appears to be well-built -- and it's certainly eye- catching. The cylinder are custom perforated by different cover, passion red, bright yellow or dark black, just make selection as your will. While the height is 18cm and weight is 450g that is strong yet incrediblely lightweight. Stand music stream through whole house.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Great Speaker with Superior Sound

I have been looking for a portable bluetooth speaker with a rich sound in bass and treble. In the summer, I love to sit on the deck with friends and BBQ and this speaker will fit the bill. Easy to set up. Hooked up immediately with my hassle. I have had other speakers but for the price and quality of sound, you can do no better.

Good sound and easy to pair

This is a great little speaker. Ive had a UE Boom for years and this is very comparable to that in terms of quality sound and ease of function. As you can see from my video review it is easy to pair and the audio comes through crystal clear. The buttons are clearly marked, play/pause, forward skip/volume up and backward skip/volume down, and simple to learn. Great for our outdoor area when we want to sit on the patio and relax. Its light, yet durable, design make it a breeze to use while on the go. The other main thing we use ours for is when we go out for a bike ride (we own a Trek and Giant road bikes) and it fits right in our water bottle holder. Perfect! If you found my review to be useful, please let me know by clicking the Helpful button. Thank you.

Awesome sound and bass! Really loud !

This speaker is loud! And the bass is awesome! I purchased a $20 cheaper Bluetooth speaker but this one is definitely a lot better. I can't believe how loud it is, I was planning on using this just as a bedroom, bathroom speaker and I don't even have to turn it up that much to get amazing sound. I was able to use straight out the box and it was fairly simple to connect to my iPhone. Just had to pair it under Bluetooth and it was under the title of zenbre. Wow, great speaker for the price!

Super loud

Super loud, easy to use, set up and operate. I'll definitely buy another one.

You Can Hear Every Instrument! silent is truly silent, played instrumental "Hotel California Eagl...

Really clear speaker! Surprised. I have 5 other bluetooth boom box speakers like this one and this is the clearest. Played a variety of music. Started with Hotel California. Really nice, noticed more instruments maybe because I really listened, but it was nice. I only wish it went even louder. The pause in the music was completely silent. I jumped when music came back on after a millisecond pause in the song. Auto off really keeps battery charged for a long time. Nice addition to the speakers

★ Why customers love us ★

Why customers love us

214 reviews
Everything is perfect besides a quick suggestion

Wow, was i surprised! This is such a small package, with a small price, that has big sound! The two speakers (treble and bass) work very well together to make a really good quality sound that you miss out on in other speakers that have a higher price and size. I can charge your phone, read memory cards for music, Bluetooth, make phone calls, and it has a strap that is super simple to work with and be able to use with almost anything. The only thing I see (this is more of a suggestion than a bad thing) was the light from the LED indicator was seeping all over the rubber buttons and speaker grill. I just makes it look like it's not put together well. But I still believe it is well put together, despite that flaw. Just something to guard that light would be awesome! Other than that, I would assume 50 dollars or more for something like this. I definitely recommend this speaker to anyone needing a really high quality budget speaker.

Five stars

Sound is pretty fantastic. Very clear and powerful.This has great sound quality which I think should be good enough to buy especially at such low price.

Aesthetics are great.

Sound is okay. I had to figure out how the pair it since there were no instructions (none posted on the website either. Aesthetics are great.

Great Value!

Solid value for sure. Would recommend.

Works great

This speaker works great! My son uses it at work.