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Bluetooth Speaker, ZENBRE D5 Bluetooth 4.1 Waterproof IPX7 Speaker, 40H Playtime with 6W Boom Bass, Compact Portable Speaker in Rugged Design, Micro SD card Slot, Bike Mount Screw

UPC 736561009052

  1. 【6W/52mm Driver, Blast Stereo Acoustic Experience】A 6W 52mm super big speaker driver.Equipped with 80x40mm bass radiator and full-size cabinet is capable of reinforcing the bass and powerful audio.
  2. 【UP to 40h Play-time! Durable Li-Polymer battery】Boasting up to 40h of battery life, this 2000mAh rechargeable Li-battery allows your adventure will last full day!
  3. 【IPX7 Waterproof, guarantees protection up to 30 minutes.】WaterproofIP67, means dust proof at level 6 and waterproof at level7. This actually a sport feature for hiking, climbing, traveling and a beach party. Rugged body ensure it is tough enough for anywhere.
  4. 【Bluetooth 4.1,Power-Saving, Compatible Echo Dot】Equipped with advanced Bluetooth 4.1 tech, Advanced Bluetooth tech offers an extended 33ft range (outside) without losing connection. Hands-free calls with the built-in mic.Less limit, More enjoy!
  5. 【Rugged Sport Feature; Bike mount available screw】Rugged build with tough impact-resistant frame to make sure rough play even walking in the hills! Here you go, with a bike mount you can lock D5 wireless speaker on bike handlebars, boat railings and more. (Bike mount not included).

    1. Product Dimensions: 14 x 4.5 x 6.5 cm ; 390 g
    2. Boxed-product Weight: 467 g
    1. IPX7 certified waterproof rating

      Seriously IP67 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers, no stopping outdoor pleasure
    2. Explore your adventures in sunshine day

      A day by sea
      A day by sun
      A day by ZENBRE D5
      A day follow your soul
    3. Shockproof, expand your discovery

      Be with you in the journey time

Customer Reviews

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Great Product

Fantastic product, quickly delivered. Really easy to set up and bluetooth pair. If struggling, look at instructions and it makes it all clear. Great sound too. It was a bit fuzzy to begin with, but soon sorted itself out.

Solid quality

Excellent little speaker, easy to use and impressive sound quality for its small size

Great Speaker

Without a dought, this is a high-quality speaker with a long-lasting battery. Not only does the quality of the sound is excellent I can tell the speaker is made to last.

Very loud

This is a great speaker, it is very loud. I use it for my ps4 and the sound quality is awesome!! I love it!

★ Why customers love us ★

Why customers love us

288 reviews


Amazing and brilliant.

It was well packeaged without any damage when I received the item.The weight is heavier than a regular portable bluetooth speaker that makes it looks more solid. But no worry that it is still portable for the size and weight. Just like its massive weight, its enhanced bass sounds great.It's totally worth to buy a second one to experience its true wireless stereo feature.Battery life is very good after 10 hours of use. Easy to connect to various devices.I am satisfied with the preimum speaker in every way.

Incredible sound quality and audio output.

I bought this speaker for my sister as she hasn't got any form of portable speakers. I have a Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 which is more expensive than this speaker and only excels this speaker with being louder for less time and being IPX8 fully submersible but if you're not totally clumsy and don't intend on dropping this speaker into a swimming pool or a tub of paint, you're after a speaker not a submarine this is more than capable.

This speaker boasts an IPX6 rating which means that it is protected low water exposure eg rain, sweat, the odd spill, assuming the input cover is closed of course!

The speaker has a 6.6k Li-Ion battery which when fully charged and blasted on full volume connected via bluetooth lasted for me nearing 5 hours, a fair bit longer connected via Aux / using an SD card input. Full blast is too loud to have a conversation with someone in a room, this is a powerful speaker with an incredible bass capabilities and multiple audio components. The audio output is full and dynamic covering all different ranges, I am very impressed with the quality of the audio output. If you have your pals round expect to have it on half volume or less and it lasting you much longer, connect via Aux if you want longer life.

There’s equaliser presets for different sound setups, True Wireless Stereo button (allowing you to pair another ZENBRE speaker and having exactly what it says, true wireless stereo, one speaker acting as the left output and one as the right), call button, (the microphone is pretty good surprisingly) source switch button (Bluetooth, Aux, SD) and power, play, pause, forward/backward buttons.

Going toe to toe with other speakers in this price range this is the champ, the nearing 360° audio output and the dynamic ranges covered by its audio components is really impressive. It's larger than the UE Boom 2 and it's to fit in all the components it boasts, 20-watts of power it provides allows it to broadcast sound in every direction, two 57mm audio drivers...

Great product for the money

Delivered as promised, if your after a very loud sound this isnt for you, remember its a portable device that is not mains powered if you get your head around that and realise its not hi fi power then i dont think for the money youll find a better unit. It has great quality audio, very nice build and 3 pre set sound settings. Obviously the memory card is a massive bonuse along with the 3.5mm audio input connection makes this the ultimate portable wireless speaker. Dont get me wrong its very loud for what it is. I cant think of any negatives tbh.

Really love it.

When I opened the product packing, the big size was beyond my expectations. It doesn't matter because the sound quality is the best of all my speakers.It may take a long time to charg,but it also have a long battery life.