ZENBRE E3 Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Earbuds(Red)

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    • Bluetooth Headphones, ZENBRE E3 Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Earbuds, Wireless Headset Up to 7h Playtime, Sweatproof Nosie Isolating with Enhanced Bass (Red)
    • 銆怑nhanced Bass, True Stereo Sound Performance銆慣he true stereo performance bring a concert around your ears. You can enjoy more brilliant stereo, comfortable treble and powerful bass. It delivers deep bass at lows, and shocked your heart at highs, a soft and beautiful melody at mid. As a wonderful music partner will not fail you at all!
    • 銆怋luetooth 4.1, Fast Connection, Power Saving銆態LUETOOTH 4.1, made by state-of-the-art Bluetooth chip technology, ensures the connection less than 3s. It will automatically connect to device that has connected once. BUSINESS PARTNER, noise isolated even when you are on the road or in airport lobby, just focusing on what you talking and what you thinking. Enhanced signal, you will found even at 50 feet, still hang with the connection!
    • 銆怱weat-proof, Nice option銆 Will not worry sweat may ruin the earbuds or the sound performance, even light rain and humidity of the weather. SPORT PARTNER, soft rubber cable connects two earbuds and comfortable when around your neck. Multiple option for various size of buds, just select one which fit your ears perfectly!
    • 銆7h Continuous Playback, 160h Standby銆慣he advanced and improved lithium polymer battery allows continuous enjoyment of music for up to 7 hours and 160 hours stand-by.
    • 銆怑cho Dot, Universal Compatibility銆慖t is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows, and it supports all Bluetooth devices such as Echo Dot, smartphone, computer, tablet and so on. A TRICK, surprise that E3 could connect with 2 cellphone at the same time!

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Bluetooth Standard: V4.1
Charging Port: Micro USB
Standby Time: up to 160 Hours
Talk Time: up to 7 Hours
Playing Time: up to 6 Hours

Smart Life, Easy-go!

Extremely light weight make it more easier hook up to ears, will not worry again it will drop when jogging. A special ceramic antenna improves signal strength and tolerates more interference,with the 4.1 Bluetooth standard you will got longer range and seamless compatibility with any devices. Further, your music becomes smooth without noise or breaks when on the go!

Comfortable to fit, enjoyable on sound

The buds are designed to fit more snugly in the ear as long as they're placed correctly as the seperate way of "R" and "L", and its come with a wide range of bud options to chose from so there's a good chance you'll find something that works for you. There is a soft rubber cable connect two buds and light around my neck, even when they were bobbing up and down during a run. The sound quality with the buds is incredible, not only clear but also loud lead to make youself just isolated from the world.

Other tricks

Except the normal Bluetooth feature, the E3 allow to connect 2 cellphones at the same time. This is an amazing feature, let us digger more about it!


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